In the four years of studying graphic design, I learned something different and new every year. From the first year's exercise of hands-on skills to typography and branding to being able to work with a group on a project. Graphic design projects have not only trained me technically but also in the way I think and communicate with people. I enjoy every iteration of the design process, seeing it as problem solving rather than expressing myself, and collaborating with my classmates to solve problems. There is a Chinese saying: "when three meet together, one of them who is anxious to learn can always learn something from the other two." That concept is the sum of our program and is what makes us the best class ever.


Before this project, I never thought I could design a whole set of fonts myself. The fonts I chose were more traditional fonts that would appear in books. I thought it would be challenging to create a set of fonts that would be legible at different sizes, and that would be natural to spacing, and that's why I chose this font. From drawing the basic shape of the font on paper with the wiggle method, to completing the basic font and using them as a reference to make a whole alphabet. This project has taught me a lot about fonts, and is considered a particularly meaningful envy. 

Sleep Charger

This envy is my first contact with mobile application design, I have always wanted to learn this area of knowledge, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to contact cell phone several sides and application design in my junior year. The starting point of this envy is to enable people to get a better sleep routine. Because nowadays it has become too common for young people to stay up late in the information age. In the design of the interface, I did not follow the traditional interface design but made the whole user experience, similar to gamification, so that users can more naturally develop good sleep habits.  

Interstellar Title Sequence

The movie I chose was my favorite: INTERSTELLAR. I wanted to recreate the film's unique portrayal of the universe using objects around me, including some of the memorable scenes in the movie, such as the rocket launch or the cruise through space. The solution was to combine landscape video, macro photography, and hand-drawn effects to achieve this effect.

I am happy with the outcome of this project. The abstract macro photography was edited to successfully represent vision of the universe. The hand-drawn styles also adds to the texture of the video. Although the title sequence is short, it captures similar emotions as the film.

Connected at the Core

I have countless memories of these four years. I went from not being very articulate at the beginning to being able to communicate with my classmates like friends in my fourth year. I think this is the most intuitive change in myself. What I remember most from year one to year two was the MC2wet project, which in theory should have been permanently sealed in my memory but became the first full on a fun group project. The Arboretum project in 301 made me determined to learn interaction design and user experience design. 304 Life water project, I saw that we could have so many different solutions for the same theme in a team of two. I can't help but marvel at the constant flow of people's creativity. I have to say that I am very lucky to be part of our class, everyone is extremely helpful to me, we complement each other and help others to become the best of themselves.