When I began searching for my next step in life after high school, I knew I never wanted to stop creating. I can remember the day I came to tour Penn State. I was unsure what my future held. When I walked into Borland and came across graphic design for the first time, I was instantly intrigued. A surge of belonging overwhelmed me. Ever since then, I cannot stop designing, creating, and soaking up everything I can about this field. I have found my "why." I have also formed lifelong relationships with the peers, and even professors, that have shaped me into the designer I am today. I am forever thankful for what the Penn State Graphic Design Department has given and taught me.

Man Repellent

Man Repellent is a help kit that includes six different objects that can help women defend themselves from unwanted harassment when they are enjoying a night out. This engaging product is designed to empower women by preparing them before they even go out.

Now or Never

“Now or Never” is a three poster surrealism series dedicated to the concept of resilience. Our concept was to create two worlds that were joined by a portal that transported a woman from an oddly perfect, controlled society (the “blue” world), into a place of freedom where the self she wants to become lives (the “pink” world). This series showcases the haunting narrative that if she doesn’t break free now, she never will.

In collaboration with Kimi Mate

Fashion Mag

“Dear, Mr. President” is a high fashion magazine featuring spreads that are inspired by the scandal between superstar Marilyn Monroe and President John F Kennedy. This narrative allows the viewer to experience the intimate side of Marilyn through her own eyes.

Connected at the Core

One of my fondest memories being in this program was the day Clare sat next to me in GD 102. Ever since, we’ve shared every step of the way as we’ve grown through the program. From the 15 facetime calls a day, to the many studio rescues, we’ve shared our love and struggle of what this program has given us. During our late-night work sessions, we have binged many shows including Breaking Bad, White Lotus, Euphoria, Normal People, etc. The countless critiques we’ve given each other has shaped me into who I am today. Who else would I call to explain that I was running around the arboretum at 6:00am to make sure my arboretum project, Honeypot, was correct, Clare!

Another funny memory is when Kimi and I were working on the project "Now or Never." Within this assignment, our initial idea was to fill a mirror with water to create a glass/ripple effect. At first, this plan sounded great! I managed to acquire an antique mirror at a flea market and felt very successful finding it. I called Kimi to report that the mirror had been secured. A few days later, we started to shoot. We filled about five water bottles, grabbed the mirror and away we poured. Next, I looked into Kim's eyes as our faces started to fill with fear. We messed up!!!!! Water was seeping everywhere. One bathroom paper towel at a time, we mopped up what we could. Our next solution…duct tape. After duct taping the back over and over, there was no way water could seep out this time, right? Oh, how we were so wrong. Water began gushing out of the mirror, this time drenching our backdrop and all the props. Sometimes, things don't go as smoothly as hoped. Thankfully we had a fake grass dog pee mat to help catch some of the liquid going all over the floor. Note to self, filling things with water may not always be the smartest idea!