One of my favorite parts about graphic design is the ability to impact and inspire people through my creativity. Growing up, I knew I wanted design to be part of my future but for the longest time I thought it was going to be through architecture (following in my mom’s footsteps). When I became exposed to graphic design and what I would be able to do in that field, I immediately fell in love with the idea of it being my future career with focus in UX/UI or branding. I have learned so many things here at Penn State and I can’t wait to see where life takes me post graduation. 


Moodbeam is an application for Apple Watch devices that allow users to track their moods. Seeing results for every day, month, and year allows users to be able to go back and reflect on how they’re doing and discover their mood patterns. This was the first project in which I was exposed to UX/UI design therefore I learned the importance of user research and testing and how crucial those steps are when creating because sometimes it is easy to create from personal preferences rather than what is needed by the client.  


The importance of wearing sunscreen is not emphasized enough. Especially in places with high UV intensity, it is crucial to apply sunscreen in order to prevent Melanoma, which “In the U.S., the percentage of people who develop melanoma has more than doubled in the past 30 years.” While focusing on athletes, this kit was made to provide sunscreen for both the body and face as well as a muscle rub. 

Victoria’s Secret

This project was my first time ever attempting cel animation. It was much more difficult than I anticipated but that just made me more proud of my outcome. For this video, I was inspired by Victoria’s Secret and the origin of the company. It was founded by Roy Raymond whose initial goal was to create a store in which men would feel less uncomfortable being around and buying lingerie for women.

Connected at the Core

My first year in graphic design at PSU was tough. As an introvert, speaking to brand new people, let alone critiquing their work at 8 AM was definitely not in my comfort zone. Within the last couple years, that is the very thing that I found to be most important in this program… COMMUNICATION. Now, in my senior year, I can attest to how important it is to talk to people, form relationships, and receive/give feedback. If it wasn’t for my peers and their honest and valuable feedback my work today would look very different. 

Fortunately throughout the years, I have been able to get much closer to my peers especially during our Junior year, which was our first year back to in person classes since COVID. During these times, I grew a personal connection with each classmate that goes beyond just design. Perhaps that's one of the advantages of having only a 14 person class. 

As important as school is, what I will miss and remember most in 50 years are the connections and memories made with my classmates. Whether that be therapy sessions with Mikayla and Kimi, or the weird yet delightful conversations with Aeva, or how Taylor G always managed to make me laugh to the point where tears would stream down my face. In the end, it all goes back to communication. Having people that I can talk to about either work or my personal life or even both is how I managed to succeed these last couple years, so without my classmates I am not sure where I would be today.