Poached is an interactive, storytelling site that is written and designed for elementary aged students. According to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), about 40,000 different species are at risk of extinction. Often times, many of these species are at risk due to human activity. Actions such as poaching, habitat loss, and pollution heavily impact life on land. Organizations like WWF are established to help battle against these issues and create awareness for human impact on species. Poached was created to introduce young individuals to these groups, specifically WWF, and the problems they are trying to solve. Children have the ability to follow the story of a young Black rhino, an endangered species, on his adventure to save his mother from what he believes to be poachers. Along the way, he will make new friends and have the opportunity to learn about the positive and negative impacts people can have on different species and the environment. Not only does Poached act as an informative tool, but it also plays a role as a donation tool. With a collection of merchandise products, each purchase through Poached is a direct contribution to WWF to help save animals, like those in the story. Poached is a gateway to young individuals to feel empowered to make a difference for life on land.

Mikayla Peles 


I’m super interested in UX/UI design and animation. But I also really like branding and packaging, and all sorts of stuff. Honestly, I can’t make up my mind on what’s my favorite, because if there’s one thing I am, it’s indecisive. Growing up I wanted to be everything and all things, from a cupcake baker, to a mechanic, to a dancer, a lawyer, chemical engineer, and a loooot more. So how did I finally choose graphic design? I don’t know. I just fell into it. And I get to do so many things and wear so many hats and it’s kinda awesome.