Plugd is a brand dedicated to creating more appealing solutions and comfortable earplugs for teens and young adults. According to research collected by the National Institute of Health, only about 8% of young adults said that they wear hearing protection at loud events like concerts and bars. A majority of the reason for this is because of lack of information about how loud noises affect permanent hearing and how unappealing most earplugs are. Plugd provides information about hearing health and their brand on their website, and Tiktok and Instagram, two platforms where young adults view information the most. Plugd earplugs are fully customizable and users receive an at home kit to create their own molds. Customized ear plugs provide more protection and are more comfortable for the wearer. In addition to advertisements and products, Plugd has an app that allows people to see how loud of a space they are in and notifies them if they are in a dangerously loud location. Plugd makes loud spaces more comfortable and enjoyable for people so they can continue to do what they love, without jeopardizing their hearing.

Taylor Gunnells

Hi! My name is Taylor Gunnells and I am a graphic designer who loves branding and experiential design. I have always loved problem solving and art, so combining them and pursuing graphic design was such a great fit for me. I am most passionate about the projects I have created to educate people about social issues and plan to work for a company that uses design to create social change.