I’m super interested in UX/UI design. But I also really like branding, and packaging, and motion, and all sorts of stuff. Honestly, I can’t make up my mind on what’s my favorite, because if there’s one thing I am, it’s indecisive. Growing up I wanted to be everything and all things, from a cupcake baker, to a mechanic, to a dancer, a lawyer, chemical engineer, and a loooot more. So how did I finally choose graphic design? I don’t know. I just fell into it. And I get to do so many things and wear so many hats and it’s kinda awesome.


reset is a prototyped calendar and note-based nutritional mobile app designed for individuals who struggle with body dysmorphic and anorexic tendencies. Users are able to log their progress and express their thoughts, share this information with doctors, and connect to doctors and therapists through outside services. With thoughtful consideration, individuals can reset the mindset to a healthier, more loving view of themselves.


udderly is a help kit equipped to provide individuals with lactose intolerance a way to always have their lactase supplements on hand. The branding around this kit is intended to be fun and lighthearted and is meant for those with a sense of humor.

How to Train Your Boyfriend

Training your boyfriend is kind of like training a dog. This cel animation acts as a “how to” video that depicts a funny relationship between a girl and a boy who has a few… quirks.

Please do not train your boyfriend like a dog.

Connected at the Core

Frankly, I forget a lot of things super quickly. But even though I don’t remember a lot of specific memories, each person in the group has had an impact on my time in the program because of the experiences we’ve shared.

BUT if we wanna get specific, here’s a few cool memories...

Freshman year. It was the first day of class, it was an 8 AM, and I was late. I remember frantically walking in, 100% sweating and out of breath, and super embarrassed. There were no seats left except for one in the back row between some guy that disappeared halfway through the semester and Kimi. I couldn’t tell if Kimi was quiet or hated me but I made it my MISSION to force her to be my friend. Literally I did not leave that poor girl alone, and Kimi became my first friend in the major.

Flashforward to junior year (because sophomore year was just me being a whole lot of awkward and quiet on Zoom). There were a lot of group projects happening this year. And I got to work with tons of different people, like Kira, Kira, and, oh yeah, Kira. #besties

I also got to work on two projects that included Sarah. Technically, I met her freshman year but I was scared of her up until halfway through junior year so I didn’t talk to her. Getting to know Sarah though, we have a lot in common, like a scary amount of stuff in common. Now we’re friends (most days) and spend more time talking than actively working.