Kira’s a designer who struggles with not being able to stop talking. Among other hobbies, they’re also a digital artist on the side and originally got into design through admiring comics. They stayed for the process and an unfortunate genuine enjoyment of the research and experimentation that comes with it. Their favorite types of design include motion, creating visuals alongside time and sound, and experience, designing spaces for events. When they first started, they had no idea what they were doing. They went in with a thick head and stubborn perseverance, bashing their way through project after project. It took three years to find something that stuck and a lot of trial and error, but it was very much worth the time. 


RefSheets is a phone application for artists to easily organize reference boards on the go. For some artists who only have their phones while drawing on the go, pulling up references can be a hassle and flipping back and forth to compare angles is a pain. Refsheets aims to make this easier. Taking photos from your existing library, it helps you reorganize photos into clips to turn into full reference boards with as many photos as large or small as you want displayed. 

The Tavern

The Tavern is a romantic restaurant designed for couples to spend an intimate moment together under a candle-lit sky. Because of the pandemic, a lot of people switched to take-out or eating at home. Many people became uncomfortable with eating out because of the risk associated. The Tavern’s goal is to reignite the dinner date with a Covid-safe design where tables are widely spaced and hand sanitizer is easy to access. Our designs are based on garden lanterns’ patterns, as they’re an elegant staple of outdoor atmosphere. The Tavern welcomes you to a warm, romantic evening.  

What’s the Buzz?

What’re we doing today? I have to check my notifications. Well, some I can just ignore. Oh, but what if I miss something? I can’t disable them completely, I want to see everything my favorites upload. 

Hey, how many apps do you have again? Are you sure you can work like this?

What’s the Buzz? is a motion design that puts the anxiety and distraction of push notifications plainly on the screen. Each notification is unique in its distraction and custom sound, as each app vies for your attention. I strongly believe in a harsh curation of someone’s social media and wanted to depict what an uncontrolled experience was like, just in case someone forgot amidst all the streams of content we lose ourselves in.

Connected at the Core

A class ritual that started up junior year is Jane and my Panera breaks. I have a significant weakness for bread and typically don’t eat before noon, so there was always some desire to go get a snack, and for Jane it was a welcome short break from bashing our heads into a wall. A favorite staple of ours (mine) is the two, unpeeled hard boiled eggs that Panera keeps unceremoniously naked in a plastic container, its smooth surface as unnerving as it is to buy pre-boiled eggs. 

One thing we also do with the Panera is bagel ambushes. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes one of us will find an asiago cheese bagel on their desk, likely retribution for something in critique or some other pain. You know surprised pikachu? That’s what it’s like to see a panera bag with a single bagel in it on your desk.

I distinctly remember Sarah being the first person in class the morning after I sliced my finger at 6am working on our magazines. I don’t know why I remember this, because I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before.

Ok, so in Junior year, fall semester there were a total of 3 group projects. I got paired with Mikayla for all 3, completely by coincidence. We worked well with each other, it went perfectly well, except for all the emotional distress. She has a tendency to hum when she’s stressed, little tunes, specifically “everything is awesome” from the lego movie despite insisting she doesn’t like the song. I heard it a lot since both group projects were at the end of the semester. 

Another song thing was during Ryan’s class; it was earlier in the year and he encouraged us to not just work in silence. I wonder if he regretted it much when Mikayla turned on trap christmas music – it was actually pretty ok. Better than silence, but perhaps a little distracting because we were all laughing about it.

Oh, there was the time I was locked out of the lighting equipment closet. That was fun; I think I had Jane call Taylor like 5 times before we had to give up because none of us had the key. That didn’t stop us from trying to pick the lock (to no avail). Everyone did their best to come up with solutions but when the door closes it locks and there was no getting in. Having people there is probably the only thing that stopped me from a complete meltdown 30 minutes before I had to photograph my model.