I’m Jane, and I was always drawn to the visual aspect of the arts. I tried to pursue a career in fine arts and realized that I had to take a step back as the way I worked was self-destructive. Doing design has allowed me to realize there is a future where I can be creative but also preserve some of my sanity and draw upon some of my past experiences to make a better world. During my time here at Penn State, I fell in love with Experience Design/Time and Sequence and how I can make people think after coming away from my designs.


f10at is a WatchOS app design that is designed to assess sadness and a breathing exercise to cope with such emotions on a daily basis.

The water element came in as a strong brand identity in the start of the project and influenced the copy as well. “Are you sinking or are you floating?” 5 levels of sadness and 5 levels of happiness for 10 levels of emotional range to provide diversity of the person’s daily emotional state. To address the sinking, a bobber bobbing along in the water to help the breathing when you are sinking.

Bee a Hero

Bee a Hero is a one day event for the folks inside and around Penn State. It drew heavily from the World War propaganda, and all the verbiage reflects such. 

This eventually leads folks to a petition table where if they sign the paper, they are given a seed packet that opens up to reveal the hero: You!

In collaboration with Sarah Armstrong

Emerge from Ordinary

EMERGE FROM ORDINARY is a campaign for the bottle of “I DREAM OF SOUTH” by Marly Gallardo, LIFEWTR brand series 11 bottle. 

We utilized a monochromatic scene with the elements of the artwork on the bottle such as flowers, snakes, leaves to bring the bottle forward and emphasize our message of emerging from the mundane.

In collaboration with Kimi Mate

Connected at the Core

When tasked with a project revolving around the Arboretum, I thought Sarah and I would have a little bit of a struggle here and there. Something typical that all young designers face. I did not anticipate the project ballooning into something way bigger with so many components to it and trying to format it on my website was an absolute nightmare. But I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t have done it without Sarah and her design skills. It is one of my favorite projects to date and really shaped the way I think about design, but I think I already have my rose-tinted glasses on. (I still feel bad for starting all my conversations with “I want to die” — I'm sorry Sarah!)

When being paired up with Clare, we really fed off of each other’s energies when coming up with a concept of Resilience. It was fun putting together a physical mood board and presenting our idea to the class and we saw eye to eye on a lot of the things (if not everything). What went downhill was our photography (not our fault!) and having to pivot at every nook and cranny. Thank god Clare took care of the monstrous amount of Goopy Pink Jell-O she had to make (I still feel sticky thinking about it) and making cigarette ashes to make for our project as well as the photoshoots.

For a brand called LIFEWTR, it really sucked the life force out of me and Kimi while we were doing this project for PEPSI co. For me it was about meeting with a big client for the first time in my career where I felt like I had to present myself as a professional designer in my work and in meeting the LIFEWTR team. I remember coming in early in the morning while huffing spray paint in our studio space to shoot the photos and struggling to make it work. Thank god Kimi came through with her strong design skill sets cause I don’t know how  This project stands out fondly in my memory kind of how I remember some of my cousins: I’m going to only think of the good things cause any more than that hurts me emotionally.
I find it funny my last group project pulled the two words “City and Transportation” (too obvious) and then “One time use and Technology” (What does that even mean?!)  for our prompts. Finally we pulled from the hat: “Immigration and Transportation”. This project was fueled by William’s Blender skills as well as Taylor G’s ability to hype up any situation and fill the rest of us with energy. I remember the phrase “We’re winning Graphic Design” and the shaking of Taylor Shipton’s head every time she heard that.

Everyday when I felt overwhelmed, I would go on a Panera Break with Kira where I would go to our North campus Panera (such a creative name I know) to buy bagels. I remember going to Panera and saying, “I feel bad for coming here just to talk to you” and Kira responded with “Jane. You call it a Panera Break. I think you’re allowed to take a Break”. Valid point and now I take my Panera Breaks with a little more ease.

I would blame the pandemic for my lack of knowledge of Digifab, however it is really up to the fact that I was lazy and scared of new technology. Erin working at Digifab really came through to save me on my care package project multiple times. I think that was for a lot of us and this was the caveat for Erin to win MVD of the year.