The Showcase

Every year, the fourth-year Graphic Design majors work on a capstone project centered around sustainability over the entirety of the spring semester. 

Limitless Exhibition

Limitless is about how, as designers, it is important to not limit our ideas based on what we already know, but instead determine them by what we can achieve.

Exhibition Open House

Wednesday, May 3rd: 5pm-6pm
Thursday, May 4th: 5pm-6pm
Friday, May 5th: 3pm-7pm
Borland 24, Borland Building

Closing Ceremony

Friday, May 5th
Borland 24, Borland Building


Before the showcase, each student presents their work and their progress for spectators to ask questions and get a glance of what everyone has worked on. 

Join Us!

Saturday, April 22nd 2023 at 11am
Stuckeman Jury Space, Stuckeman Building 

Can’t Make It?

Click here below to register for the zoom webinar to watch the presentations virtually.