Erin Nguyen


Hi:)) I'm Thu-Yên, you can call me Erin. I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, in a family of architects. Surrounded by art from a young age, I knew I wanted to have a career creating something, and with the desire to solve problems, life brought me to Graphic Design. Experiential Design is what I'm working towards. I want to create projects that not only are visually appealing but also the audience can participate in.

Some other things about me/that inspires me: INFP, Gryffindor, Tech Savvy, Multicultural kid, Food enthusiast, an organized mess, Legos, Coffee, Languages, Sunlight


TUBBYTRONIC: Techie Babies is a couture fashion magazine based on the kid’s show Teletubbies. It is ideated from the Teletubbies’ dome grass house “Tubbytronic Superdome”. Teletubbies is a show I watched a lot when I was a child. For this magazine, I wanted to keep the story’s originality add my twist to the concept: a human live-action version of Teletubbies with a fashion sense resembling their personalities and characteristics. The magazine shows the world of Teletubbies, the inside and outside of the “Superdome,” what they do, their personalities, and their favorite items.  

Eyes of the Arboretum

Eyes of the Arboretum is a supplement to the experience inside the Arboretum at Penn State to help visitors see and understand the difference between human vision and the vision of creatures in the Arboretum and why they behave in a certain way. The experience comes with 3 main deliverables: an Oversized screen with motion tracking technology; Way-finding system throughout the Arboretum; and a Mobile Application that allows the visitors to “swap eyes” with the pollinators. 

In collaboration with William Ren

OuterTime Vinyl Cover

OUTERTIME is a vinyl album of the greatest hits of Bruno Major. It was created with analog elements and no digital-generated imagery. Bruno Major is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He usually shares what he puts into the lyrics, chord progressions, and inspirations. Astrology and nature are imageries and metaphors that he uses a lot in his songs. He also likes to use ciphers for dates and numbers.  It is designed to make you cry but in a healing way.  For this project, I wanted to highlight his personality and the mood of the songs. So, I designed this around five words: safe, intriguing, warm, meticulous, and introspective.

Connected at the Core

Entering the graphic design program, coming from across the globe, I knew I was going into a new environment with new people and needed to adapt. I am so lucky to be welcomed and to study with amazing people. I had my first class with Emma since freshman year, and really admired her dedication to cutting up little squares for her poster. 

When Covid hit, I flew home and everything during that time felt like a fever dream.

Fast forward to Junior year, and finally meeting people who made it into the program in person. We started off with a photography project with a partner. I partnered with Taylor K, being her Alice locked up in Wonderland. She won so many awards for the project I’m so proud to be able to take part in it. We did our photoshoots in Clare’s backyard, and during one of the sessions, a cat came into her house; she was about to keep it, but it ended up belonging to someone already.

Our class had a trip to Pittsburg for the VanGogh experiential exhibition. We have to be at the studio at 7 to gather up and leave State College. We had lots of fun on the road, critiquing logos at the gas station, racing to win (Ryan’s car vs Taylor’s car), and at the exhibition, learning so much about wayfinding, projection technology, and storytelling. 
It was during one of the projects that we needed to craft a lot. Hanging around the crafting tables and the Lightbox at night, people found the height wall that the previous years left behind and started to measure and procrastinate on our work. 

For Evanisko, Aeva and I had a blast planning and shooting our posters. We really clicked and went ham on the tentacles for our alien theme. Hanging the props to make them fly was the most time-consuming part.  We hit the jackpot at Goodwill for all types of 80s objects like the boombox and Pacman game. My favorite was ordering one pizza, hanging it up, and putting it back in the freezer for the next photo shoot. Cost efficiency at its best:)