As many of us know, problems are everywhere. Having the power as a designer to improve everyday interactions and create meaningful solutions is my source of motivation. I hope to design interfaces and experiences as a UI/UX Designer for companies who value mental health, physical wellness, and/or nutrition after graduation. They are all very important topics to me, and I want to strive to make those resources accessible and approachable.


Bubbly is an iWatch application that helps users track their mood. This project made me realize the passion I have for UI/UX Design. I learned that I love creating with reason and intention. Making design decisions based off research and user testing was exciting and eye opening to me as I found myself constantly adjusting to ease the experience for other people.


Despite being a bit worried that our styles would clash, my group and I were able to create a fun brand for a vegan pet grooming company. All products and treats are made with vegan ingredients and are cruelty free. This project helped me finally let loose and design something a bit funkier and colorful. 

In collaboration with Kimi Mate and Clare Connell

Split Title Sequence

The movie split is about a man with dissociative personality disorder who kidnaps three girls. The title sequence aims to make the experience unsettling and visually demonstrate disassociation by utilizing sound and imagery. This project made me realize how much I love to leave a physical impact on people who interact with design.  

WARNING. The following video contains bright, flashing lights and imagery that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

Connected at the Core

Even though there were always challenges and hardships that sprung upon us, my classmates and I were always there to pick each other up and then push one another even harder. Whether it be laughing profusely with Taylor G and Aeva or a good ranting session with Sarah, each person in this class has made my time in this program memorable. 

During our second year, we were completely virtual on zoom. At times it was difficult to not go crazy designing and get designer's block. Taylor K and I would sit on FaceTime for hours at times throwing ideas back and forth, venting, and catching up on our personal lives. It was always one of my favorite ways to take a design break. 

Another one of my favorite memories is from our third year. Erin, Taylor G, Kira, Clare, Rachel and I had arrived at our studio for our 9am class. Around 5:30 we all realized we had been in our studio all day and barely ate any food. We all were working on projects and had no plans of leaving any time soon, so we ordered $100 worth of Taco Bell and had a little dinner party.