Echo is an all-in-one mental wellbeing and health app. Users can connect to doctors and therapists by scheduling appointments and talking to directly to them through the app. However that’s not all… most people only go to appointments a few times a week or month, so what about all that time in between sessions? Echo also helps to build skills and manage your mental health between therapy sessions with features such as a daily mood journal, breathing exercises, and audios. Through the app, users can also order their medications prescribed by doctors to be delivered in a regularly scheduled kit. Echo aims to help people manage their mental health by making access to professional care easy and bridging the gap of time between sessions.

Kimi Mate

Hi I’m Kimi! I’m from northern NJ and a few of my favorite things include dogs, cats, and dessert. I am most passionate about making an impact on others and solving problems through my design. Branding and UX/UI design are my main design interests, so I hope to find a career where I can explore many aspects of design after graduation.