Dear Driver

In 2020, three billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions came from passenger cars worldwide. With a society that prioritizes everyone owning and traveling by their own car, it's hard to understand the scope of how that negatively affects the environment. Therefore, Dear Driver is a local, experiential campaign that aims to inform car owners about the harmful effects of commuting by car and encourages them to take public transportation. Since the local audience is car owners on Penn State campus, high-traffic areas (like the Bryce Jordan Center parking lot and East Parking Deck) were identified and used as sites of public installations. Each installation on campus showcases data from several data sets that highlight the negative effects of passenger car emissions. Secondary locations, like the HUB stairs and virtual poster ads, further show the data. Dear Driver displays data in public spaces to be seen by real people in an effort to change the world.

Rachel Smith

I’m currently studying design at Penn State. When I’m not designing, you can find me learning ASL, thrifting button downs and sweaters, and trying to pet every cat I come across. I’ve got a special love for experiential design, branding identities, and incorporating photography into my work. I’m looking forward to working at a design agency after graduation and trying everything that comes my way!