I have always loved color and design. As a child, I would scream whenever I was put in anything red or polka dotted. At 3 years old, I demanded that everything in my life was periwinkle (not just purple, but specifically periwinkle). At 6, I discovered my love for leopard print. And at 10, my love for stripes. It is safe to say, I have always had strong opinions on the design of things around me. My opinions have not gotten any less strong, I love design because I love creating beautiful and colorful things that connect me to my younger self; the girl who knew exactly how she wanted her world to look and wasn’t afraid of mixing bold colors and funky patterns.

Eve Mag

Eve Mag is a couture fashion magazine centered around the story of Eve from Adam and Eve. The goal of Eve Mag was to re-center the story around Eve and all that she gained by indulging in the forbidden fruit. Rather than losing her innocence, she is liberated into a strong and powerful woman. One model plays the roles of Eve and the snake. Their differences shown in lighting as well as clothing and makeup. The outfits are both  strong and feminine to celebrate Eve and the environment of the Garden of Eden.

Monarch’s Journey

This partner project was in collaboration with the Penn State Arboretum, which gave us the amazing opportunity to create meaningful deliverables and experiences to engage an audience and excites them about what the pollinator garden has to offer. The project was very open-ended, each group had to create meaningful deliverables to answer to a problem they also created.

Drawing from our inspiration of the butterflies in the pollinator garden and our interest in engaging a young audience, we created a narrative to teach young children about the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle. My partner and I started by writing and illustrating a children’s book and from there, we expanded upon the characters we created to develop a rich and expansive set of assets. 

In collaboration with Emma Swayze


PCH, standing for Pacific Coast Highway, is a collection of twelve songs by Harry Styles. This collection highlights some of Harry Styles’ most vibrant songs, designed to be played from start to finish as you drive along the coast with your windows down and music blasting. Harry opens up about many diverse experiences with love, sexuality, and heartbreak. The design of the album is a bright and joyous collage of all these things.

I limited myself to using only one main typeface, cooper black for the imagery to tie back to his early 1970s rock influences. To create the flowy pattern on the background I scanned and warped the words Pacific Coast Highway and then cut each letter out individually. This task became very tedious and time-consuming, but it created the flowy and visually stimulating look I was after. This was the first project where it finally clicked for me that I am a designer.

Connected at the Core

When I first started in the design program, all the upperclassmen and alumni told me I would look back on my college years fondly. With all the x-acto blade accidents, fumes of rubber cement, and all the all-nighters, I didn’t see how that could be possible. Now, looking back at these past four years, I understand what they meant. I don’t remember all those painful nights, but I do remember moments shared with my classmates. The first real college friend I made was Taylor K. We sat together on the first day of GD 102 and have made our friendship everyone else’s problem since that day. When we are not in studio, we are talking about studio; and when we are in studio, we are uncontrollably laughing.  We have at least one sleepover a week and stay up all night talking about anything from our new favorite James Edmunson font to what we think our professors could be doing in that exact moment. I am so thankful that I was able to meet my best friend through this program, someone who really understands what being in this crazy program means. 

During the Evanisko project, Jane and I shared many moments that at the time felt like the end of the world, but now, I can look back on and appreciate our resilience. We spent 99% of the project working with a beautiful model who was perfect for the role, but just as our last photoshoot rolled around, they informed us they will not be able to model for us anymore. After a big freakout, the two of us thought of every possible backup and found a replacement so that we could get the project in on time. Beyond the subject for our posters, we had to create all our props. This included burning a whole pack of cigarettes in one night and smelling like chain smokers for a few days, making more jello than the average person should ever have to make in a lifetime and getting confetti everywhere. Jane and I had to keep each other afloat during a project that felt like it was doing everything to destroy us.

There are so many more memories I have with everyone in this program, I could probably go on and on for hours talking about how every single person has impacted me. What I really love about Penn State Graphic Design is how much love we have for each other and how we all want everyone to succeed.