Bright Wallet

Bright Wallet is a personal finance management application geared toward people in their 20s, primarily recent college graduates. Results of a user survey indicated that nearly 60% of college students have never taken a personal finance class and the vast majority feel overwhelmed at the thought of managing their money. The participants in this survey have different financial goals: be debt free, set themselves up for early retirement, and stick to a budget are just a few. With all the input from this survey, Bright Wallet was created to make managing money less intimidating and offer the resources to learn about personal finance. Some of the features of Bright Wallet include analyzing net worth, managing debt and investments, setting monthly budgets, view spending trends and habits, setting attainable financial goals, and learning about different personal finance topics. With Bright Wallet, all financial information is in one place, making money a little easier for everyone.

Emma Swayze

Hey! I'm Emma and I’ve always loved math. Weird I know, a designer that loves math, but I do. It's probably because I love working through a problem and finally getting to a solution. I knew I needed to pursue a path that would allow me to be creative while also problem solving, so here I am. Having the power as a designer to improve everyday interactions and create meaningful solutions is my source of motivation. I'd love to one day be a UX consultant for companies looking to improve their digital presence. In my free time, I enjoy learning recipes and getting a good workout in.