Bloom is a low-waste and reusable cosmetic line for women in their teens to early adulthood. Countless women everywhere experiment with multiple colors and cosmetic brands, always in search for the perfect lipstick color and the perfect eye shadow shade. Makeup for many women is a confidence booster or a form of self-expression. But the reality is most of the plastic from women’s beauty routines gets tossed in the trash, and it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Bloom’s packaging is made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, glass and bamboo. There is no wasteful outer packaging, and they are shipped in reusable mailers. The makeup compacts and applicators are all designed to be cleaned and refilled so they don’t have to be tossed in the trash. Bloom was designed to reduce waste for a more sustainable beauty routine.

Shelby Stewart

Growing up I was always intrigued and charmed by products and their brands. The packaging it’s cased in and the pretty tags dangling of the clothing. This is what makes me a designer, the attention to detail and appreciation for branding and aesthetics. As a visual learner and creative thinker, I knew that Penn State’s Graphic Design program was the perfect fit for me and couldn’t be anymore happier with my decision. I wish to peruse my design career in the fashion and beauty industry with branding, product and packaging design.