Assent is an experiential campaign design examining the topic of death and how it impacts the living. Assent I: Regret is the first of its series, as Assent is an on-going campaign that will be revisited and updated every 5 years. The first series visits the topic of dying and living as a personal journal experience that invites the user to think about death at their own pace Assent I: Regret includes topics of traditional vs nontraditional funerals, what some common regrets are, and what death looks like to a 20-year-old person. Assent I: Regret opens the floor to the discussion of dying and living with the aim of destigmatizing death, and what we can do to minimize regrets that we might have in life.


Jane Yun

I’m Jane, and I was always drawn to visual arts. I tried to pursue a career in fine arts and realized that I had to take a step back as the way I worked was self-destructive. Doing design has allowed me to realize there is a future where I can be creative and draw upon my past experiences to make a better world. During my time here at Penn State, I fell in love with Experience Design/Time and Sequence and how I can make people experience my designs