Hey there! I’m Aeva and I am a senior interested in branding and packaging design. It is so crazy to see where my design is now from where I started. I came to Penn State with little to no knowledge about graphic design and have been able to create some great work. I feel like I really started to flourish junior year and make connections I had been unable to make in past years. This was also the year I discovered my love of branding and package design.

Carnival Side Show

The fashion mag was a project that I really felt myself grow on. I was trying lighting techniques I had never tried before and learning from Erin that I could have used a much easier tool in illustrator and didn’t have to spend all my time manipulating time. This project feels important to me because it helped me grow my self confidence in my own work.

Rise Up

This project was one that taught me how to work with someone well. My partner and I had different strengths and it was a cool experience to bring our different ideas together. It is one of my favorite projects I have worked on because we really experimented with multiple mediums and just doing something crazy. It was a lot of work, but very fun.

In collaboration with Erin Nguyen


This is one of the projects that made me realize my love for branding. I loved how many deliverables we were able to come up with and keep within our branding system. It evolved so much over the semester and started with a bit more of a tropical look. This project had a lot more people involved and was trickier because we all have other projects going on and had to balance our schedules and make time to work on this.

In collaboration with Taylor Kuszyk, Shelby Stewart, and Kira Lorraine

Connected at the Core

On our restaurant branding project the few who had been assigned to rebrand India Pavilion all decided as part of our research we needed to go eat at India Pavilion. I remember this as such a special moment. A few of us who had not be close before at the chance to goof around and eat amazing food while claiming it was for school and necessary. It felt so fun and I felt like it bonded us together a bit more. 

Taylor G, Rachel, and I started doing “homework nights” where we would get together and have dinner while working on projects for class. It was so nice to have friends so close, but also bounce ideas off of and help each other grow.